Performance Support bei der Wacker Chemie AG

Dos & Don’ts – performance support at Wacker Chemie AG

It is increasingly the case that, while conventional knowledge transfer using formal learning formats is well suited to certain contexts, e.g. for compliance training, it has its limits in others. For this reason, popular approaches such as the 70:20:10 model clearly show that formal learning is just a small part of the puzzle. Informal learning, on the other hand, is frequently much more important, because this happens through practical application in the workplace. But how exactly can companies provide targeted support to their workforce in the moment of need during the work process?

In an interview-style article, Viola Schoek, Head of Enterprise Learning, describes how performance support is being used at Wacker Chemie AG. She shares her experiences and offers useful tips on key questions relating to performance support, including:

  • What exactly do the terms “electronic performance support solution” (EPSS), “performance support”, “digital adoption”, and “learning in the flow of work” mean?
  • How is using an electronic performance support system (EPSS) different from conventional training?
  • What is a “moment of need”, and how can an EPSS help?
  • What benefits does Wacker expect to see from using its EPSS?
  • In which areas is Wacker using its EPSS?
  • What do you need to bear in mind when rolling out an EPSS?

Dos & Don’ts – performance support at Wacker Chemie AG

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