Single-platform onboarding support for fast user adoption

ALD’s fast-growing car lease business requires new employees to come up to speed quickly. Its new platform supports users in their moment of need and promotes user adoption, increasing their confidence and productivity.
July 15, 2020
5 min

Onboarding new employees quickly is a challenge under normal circumstances, but for ALD the Netherlands the task took on added importance after the acquisition of another leader in the Dutch automotive retail market. In addition to the new hires that came with natural growth, ALD had to bring its newly acquired employees into the company fold, teaching them not only how to do business, but helping them get to know the company culture too. And it had to do this fast.

Miles Ria, the ALD the Netherlands fleet software system, is used by around 250 end users across the country to manage over 50,000 leased vehicles. The new employees needed to quickly learn how to use Miles Ria and operate with a degree of independence. The company’s existing knowledge management system was not up to the task. ALD needed something new.

Finding a knowledge system that adds value for new employees and long-time users

Proper lease management at ALD means understanding and properly utilizing the company’s systems, processes and procedures. Doing so requires both initial learning and performance support for active users. The search began for a system that could do both.

In the process, the business change managers from ALD Automotive in the Netherlands spoke to their Belgian counterpart, who had already implemented tt performance suite. The Belgian endorsement was enough to convince the colleagues in the Netherlands that tt performance suite would be the best possible solution there, too.

tts began by designing an easy-to-use, branded eLearning template for ALD’s onboarding. It then trained twenty-plus content matter experts at ALD on how to use tt knowledge force, the component that enables the design, creation and publication of content in tt performance suite. The next step was to roll out tt performance suite’s QuickAccess clients, providing contextual, moment-of-need support for Miles Ria users.

The result is a knowledge management strategy that is two-pronged: a one-size-fits-all approach to onboarding and user support tailored to individual functions. ALD’s experts were able to create 100 percent of the content for eLearning, training before go-live, and performance support.

ALD Automotive The Netherlands

tts gave us the ability to take our people from 0 to 100 quickly, without any knowledge gaps. If our users have questions after their initial training, they can quickly and easily find the answers without leaving our Miles Ria lease management software.

ALD Automotive The Netherlands

Empowered power users drive user adoption

ALD’s new knowledge system is a big step up from what it had before. The solution is user-friendly for both content creators and end users. It is a starting point for new Miles Ria users and a supportive guide as those users gain experience and become experts themselves. It’s also a platform that ALD’s most knowledgeable people can harness to share their expertise and experiences with colleagues, helping their co-workers learn while guiding them past roadblocks and challenges along the way.

On the back end, ALD benefited from a streamlined implementation strategy. The careful consultation and training from tts gave ALD the ability to roll out onboarding and other knowledge-sharing solutions quickly. The system empowers the knowledge experts to help others and share their understanding of Miles Ria and the lease business.

On the end-user side, tt performance suite solved both challenges facing ALD after its acquisition. It enabled the quick rollout of a learning solution that rapidly brought new employees up to speed on Miles Ria, minimizing time spent in the classroom. It also offered continuous, moment-of-need support as users continue their day-to-day work on the Miles Ria platform.

The training and support help ensure that ALD’s employees adhere to the business processes and procedures that minimize business risks. And the confidence and expertise displayed by ALD’s staff don’t go unnoticed by the company’s customers.

Competitive Advantage by Performance Support

PDF, 1.9 MB

Implementation beyond the current use case

ALD was so pleased with its new approach to training and performance support that it plans to use it beyond Miles Ria for long-term enterprise applications that are critical to other parts of its business. With the success of the project, ALD’s management team can move forward with peace of mind. A quick and efficient user onboarding experience enhances corporate agility. What’s more, the ability of the company’s most experienced and knowledgeable employees to share what they’ve learned empowers them. It promotes a supportive and purposeful corporate culture.

ALD: A global leader in mobility solutions

The Netherlands is one of the 43 countries where ALD provides full-service leasing and fleet management. Its services are available to everyone from private individuals to large corporations. As an industry leader, ALD prides itself on its sustainable, technology-oriented approach to mobility.


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