Designing webinars with Microsoft Teams

Virtual meetings have become an indispensable part of the modern world of work. For some time now, users of Microsoft Teams have been able to stage live events and webinars as well as hold conventional virtual meetings - with a much wider range of settings and control options.
6 min

Organizing questions and answers in webinars

If your webinar is packed with information, it won’t be long before attendees start asking questions. A really good way of answering and organizing those questions is to use the Q&A feature. Our Guide of the Month sets out what you need to do and all the options available to you as an organizer.
3 min


Coaches can help their clients improve how effective they are in certain areas of their duties.
1 min

Community of practice

A community of practice (CoP) refers to a group of individuals with shared interests and concerns who proactively meet over an extended period of time to regularly share knowledge, reflect, or try out new methods together.
1 min

Content curation

Content curation sees information collected from a variety of sources, annotated, rearranged with source citations, and republished.
1 min
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