SAP Talent Intelligence Hub: Skill Management made easy

Traditional talent management is a thing of the past. Today, it's all about skills – identifying and developing the abilities and needs of every team member. As an AI-powered software solution, the SAP Talent Intelligence Hub helps you get to know your people better. Get ready for a new people development experience.

The traditional approach to talent management is outdated, and the focus is now on the individual skills and needs of all employees. The AI-powered SAP Talent Intelligence Hub supports this shift by helping companies better understand their employees' potential, interests, and preferences. Through integration with the SAP SuccessFactors Suite, the central framework provides a comprehensive solution for personalised learning, career development and talent management - a key contributor to business success. Employees, in turn, benefit from being empowered to take charge of their skills and careers. This keeps employees engaged, strengthens alignment between HR and IT, and fosters a culture of continuous learning and development.

April 16, 2024
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We all have talents. Skills that enable us to perform certain tasks effortlessly. These talents develop over the course of a lifetime through interests, experience, and training. As diverse as the people in organizations are, so are their talents. It is time for management to recognize this as one of the organization's greatest assets.

Today, it is no longer just about competency management. It is about skills, potential, interests, preferences and needs. Everyone can and should contribute to the success of the organization. Organizations need intrinsically motivated people who take initiative and responsibility. Training helps them develop their own skills and grow professionally. This is more important today than ever before: in an increasingly digitalized working world, employees need to acquire new skills if they want to keep up with developments. Successful companies with smart management have recognized this. Today, digital tools help organizations develop each individual.

From guided to intelligent talent management

Today, many industries are short of people who not only have the skills, character and passion to work, but also want to make an impact. There's a shortage of skilled workers, and digitalization requires constant training in new technologies, such as the use of AI. Companies therefore need a strong learning culture with targeted skills management. This will enable them to motivate their employees for the long term, expand existing skills in the team and build personalities with a broad development portfolio. 

Personality development instead of personnel management

However, people and skills management is still often centralized and top-down. Succession planning, appraisals, and training are based on an annual cycle, and talent management is often planned around job catalogs. The focus is on the desired function of future employees, not on individual skills. There is no holistic view of skills and competencies across teams. Information about what employees want, their goals and aspirations, is often not taken into account. But that's about to change: Talent management is coming of age. HR is moving away from models that simply manage the organization and instead focusing on individual strengths.

HR managers are no longer prescribing standardized career paths. They are making personal development an experience in the workplace. This is a major challenge that intelligent software can help address. The SAP Talent Intelligence Hub, part of the SuccessFactors Suite, opens up new possibilities for companies: They can support the individuality of their employees and provide them with a tool to make their skills transparent and available to the entire organization.

How does the SAP Talent Intelligence Hub work?

The software enables employees to identify and develop their own skills, strengths, work styles, passions, and motivations. It captures the whole person and empowers them to take responsibility for their own development. As a result, the organization gains a deep understanding of different skill sets and can identify and leverage potential within the organization.

The competencies and skills of all employees are stored in a central library, the Attribute Library, grouped by attribute type. With just a few clicks, anyone can access different skill sets, add them to their personal growth portfolio, and manage their own development. This provides an overview of one's own skills, and an intelligent algorithm automatically suggests additional skills. 

Powered by AI and connected to the entire SAP SuccessFactors suite, the Skill Ontology continuously identifies individual skills and suggests appropriate job profiles, learning content and mentoring opportunities. What makes it unique: Recommendations are based not only on education and experience, but also on individual strengths, work styles, and personal preferences. The SAP SuccessFactors Opportunity Marketplace gives employees access to internal projects, training, mentoring, and coaching opportunities.

HR becomes future ready

Webinar: Talent Intelligence Hub

What is behind competency-based talent management? How is AI intelligently embedded in the organization? What is behind Opportunity Marketplace, Talent Intelligence Hub, Growth Portfolio & Co? We shed light on the subject and show the potential of the new tool.
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The SAP Talent Intelligence Hub fills a gap in the SAP SuccessFactors universe. Until now, the focus has been on competency management. With automated analytics, the system creates a global view of the skills available in the organization and opens up new career opportunities for employees. Management and HR departments are empowered with validated data, making it easier to find talent internally or to recruit suitable external candidates for vacancies, projects or special assignments. This enables management to build a motivated workforce that is willing to develop personally in a dynamic work environment and remain loyal to the company.

HR meets IT. The tts digital HR experts are at home in both worlds and have taken a close look at the new AI tool.

Cultural change

Integrating new software into an organization's IT infrastructure is one thing. But simply implementing modern talent management is not enough. To successfully develop individual employees and strengthen the entire organization, management must rethink its approach. It requires a deep understanding of the underlying processes and an overall cultural shift. The new way of thinking must be firmly anchored in the various areas of the organization - from HR to corporate strategy. 

tts provides companies with technical and professional support in transforming their HR processes. As one of the largest European implementers of SAP SuccessFactors, we accompany companies on their digital HR roadmap. Our certified experts look at HR and IT as a whole and provide advice that is closely aligned with actual needs. We deliver real value with deep expertise in incident management, change requests, AI-powered custom development, or complete business process outsourcing. Now, with SAP's largest talent management release, we are leading the way to the People Development Experience. We are empowering companies to take action and recognize the talents of their people. This is because every person has a unique set of skills that can contribute to the success of the entire organization.


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