A Flight Plan for the New Normal

A Flight Plan for the New Normal

For many organizations, COVID-19 marked a truly cataclysmic event. One that triggered not just immediate upheaval with a rapid, almost overnight switchover to remote working, but also a great deal of reflection and introspection around workplace processes. All of a sudden, business leaders started to reconsider how, when, and where people work, learn, and communicate.

In many instances, the pandemic compelled companies to rapidly adopt new behaviors while speeding up the use of digital tools and applications in their workflows. After all, having their workforce remotely distributed completely upended the way that they were able to onboard, train, develop, motivate, and communicate with their employees. According to the latest KPMG outlook pulse, a full 74% of CEOs interviewed have accelerated the pace of digital transformation of their operations by many months. 

In the accelerated world, leaders need versatile teams of allrounders capable of multitasking to fit the needs of the moment. The demands of accelerated expertise, technology adoption and business guidance are high in this new working environment. However, with the right knowledge provided at the right time, empowered people can not only master technological tools but also be the source of continuous adaptation, innovation, and ingenuity. 

Download this whitepaper to learn how you can empower people in your organization with effective knowledge transfer. 

Whitepaper: A Flight Plan for the New Normal
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