Digital Dexterity

Digital dexterity describes an organization’s ability and drive to use digital technologies to adapt quickly to new circumstances. It relates to the combined abilities of every individual in the organization and the capabilities of the organization as a whole, and therefore covers the skills, attitudes and working methods of staff as well as a digital organizational culture.
July 05, 2023
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Organizations that exhibit high levels of digital dexterity have an advanced grasp of how to work with data and leverage new technologies to find creative solutions to problems. These organizations also have a flexible understanding of roles, practice collaborative approaches to work and are always willing to learn new things and take risks.

Digital dexterity is a competitive edge

The more refined an organization’s digital dexterity is, the more rapidly it can respond to changing market requirements, find innovative solutions and develop new business models. As the digital transformation continues to forge ahead in business and society, digital dexterity is increasingly becoming a key competitive edge. 

Establishing digital dexterity in an organization

Establishing digital dexterity requires a strategic approach. 

To achieve a high level of digital dexterity, an organization should put in place targeted measures to promote digital adoption among its staff, since that is what will give them the necessary technical know-how and assist them in working confidently with digital tools and technologies. This is where digital adoption platforms such as the tts performance suite can play an important role across an entire organization. Sound social skills are also important for advanced digital dexterity, because they are essential to ensuring collaboration runs smoothly in a digital environment. 

However, it is equally important to look at the organization as a whole. Every single organization must provide an agile and flexible working environment and the digital technologies that are necessary to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of its staff. An organizational culture also needs to be created that rewards problem-solving skills and personal initiative in order that a sophisticated level of digital dexterity can develop.  

Senior management should set a good example and develop the drive to fully utilize the benefits brought by new technologies, methods of collaboration and decisions that are based squarely on data. 

Digital dexterity means change

Digital dexterity is an important factor for any organization that wishes to operate successfully in the digital world, even on just a medium-term basis. Besides the digital and cultural prerequisites that the organization has to meet, achieving a high level of digital dexterity depends more than anything on having a workforce that is willing and able to integrate digital technologies, processes and tools into their day-to-day working lives and use them efficiently. That is why organizations that have recognized the strategic implications of digital dexterity are already launching organization-wide transformation projects and starting to systematically build digital adoption. 


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