Digital Adoption Solution (DAS)

A digital adoption solution (DAS) is regarded as the forerunner of a digital adoption platform (DAP). It helps staff if they are working within a single application or a small number of applications, but not if they are faced with processes that extend across a variety of applications or are involved in larger transformation projects. Accordingly, a DAS has a far smaller range of functions than a DAP.
January 11, 2024
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Digital adoption solution – a small tool for a single project

A digital adoption solution is a tool that offers employees direct support within a specific software application. Digital adoption solutions often make a great first impression with their colorful design and automated guides. They are normally used in individual implementation projects.  

As soon as assistance is required with processes that extend across multiple applications, however, digital adoption solutions reach their limits. It is therefore not advisable to use them in strategic transformation projects. What’s more, maintaining individual guides is very time-consuming, and even minor changes within the target software – after a software update, for instance – are often sufficient to stop these guides working. That makes it almost impossible for a digital adoption solution to provide the workforce with medium-term, sustainable support. 

Digital adoption solution or digital adoption platform?

Although a digital adoption solution can help improve staff’s acceptance of a specific software application, before an organization decides on a particular DAS, it should check whether this is the right tool for the relevant scenario. One useful approach is answering the following questions: 

  • Are any updates to the target software expected? 

  • Is the rollout of further applications envisaged for which staff will also require support? 

  • Is the aim to also provide knowledge about processes that run independently of a particular application or across a number of different applications? 

  • Are there any plans for a digital transformation project? 

If the answer to one or more of these questions is yes, the organization should consider using a digital adoption platform. 

Digital adoption platforms as an alternative

An end-to-end digital adoption platform offers far greater potential than a DAS. A DAP such as the tts performance suite links all sources of knowledge and helps with any kind of business application. The platform’s context-sensitive operation remains intact even after an update. Minor adjustments can be made with minimum effort, and rolling out new language versions is no problem. With a DAP, organizations offer their staff efficient support when it comes to handling new applications, processes and technologies. 

To sum up, using a digital adoption solution may be worthwhile for an individual implementation project under certain circumstances. A digital adoption platform, on the other hand, offers significant added value for the entire organization’s digital transformation. With a DAP, organizations can speed up their digital adoption and quickly enjoy the benefits of countless new technologies. 


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