Digital Adoption Platform (DAP)

A digital adoption platform (DAP) is a software solution that enables organizations to speed up and improve the rollout of digital technologies and processes. Professional DAPs offer staff a whole host of functions for this purpose, giving them exactly the assistance they require, directly in the workplace and in the precise moment of need. This support primarily takes the form of in-app guidance and help with processes involving various pieces of software. The term digital adoption platform has become increasingly familiar in recent years.
March 15, 2023
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Digital adoption platforms encourage digital adoption

A digital adoption platform is a comprehensive application that organizations employ as a strategic tool during digital transformation projects. A single digital adoption solution is something different and simply serves to implement individual new applications.  

An organization can use a DAP to centralize all its knowledge, expand this further and make it available at each digital workplace as required. The ultimate goal is to encourage digital adoption throughout the organization by helping staff to help themselves and providing know-how relating to functional structures and processes. 

DAP support is geared to precise requirements across various applications

A comprehensive digital adoption platform offers an organization’s staff precisely the help they need to operate software applications, and this is geared to the relevant role or task (technology guidance). What’s more, a DAP can provide organization-specific knowledge about processes, workflows, rules and procedures (business guidance). This platform also ensures convenient access to digital training content and basic know-how. 

DAP is a catalyst for transformation projects

A digital adoption platform such as the tts performance suite helps to get staff on board with the digital transformation and to reduce digital friction in their day-to-day work. Used strategically, this technology acts as a catalyst. It plays a key role in ensuring employees develop a positive basic attitude toward the transformation project, and also in creating productive synergies between people, processes and technologies. 

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