Microsoft Loop: A New Way to Share Knowledge in OneNote

Have you heard about the integration of Loop components in OneNote? Get the lowdown on the new update here.
May 29, 2024
3 min
Maleen Neuenhofer

The time has come: Microsoft will begin integrating Loop components into OneNote in April 2024. The web version will be updated first, followed by the desktop application.

Revolutionary collaboration

Microsoft Loop takes teamwork to the next level. It enables you to think, plan, and work together anytime, anywhere. With support for asynchronous communication, teams can stay connected across time zones and work styles. And with selective notifications, you can stay in control and focus on what really needs your attention.

Loop components in OneNote

Loop components are editable content such as lists, spreadsheets, and tasks that stay in sync no matter where they are added in Microsoft applications. When used in OneNote, you can focus on your content while collaborating with others in real time without having to switch between applications.

Versatile application possibilities

Loop components are available not only in OneNote, but also in Teams chat, Outlook email, and on whiteboards. For example, you can create a spreadsheet or to-do list that anyone in your chat, email, or document can edit and update, and the changes are immediately visible.

Efficient collaboration

Use Loop components to get work done faster. Whether it's creating an agenda, tracking action items, or collaborating on notes, Loop components simplify these processes.

Release and storage

Loop components can be shared across Teams chats, Outlook email, whiteboards, and other places in the Microsoft 365 ecosystem. Changes and updates are instantly visible, regardless of where they were made. Any component created from a Teams chat or Outlook email is automatically saved to OneDrive, making it easy to manage and restore.

Management of loop files

Loop files are displayed on and OneDrive, where they can be managed and restored. Users can create and share Loop components as easily as any Office document. These files are tagged with your organization's existing permissions, but can be customized before sending to ensure everyone has the access they need.

Compatibility and recovery

Loop files can only be opened and edited as links in your browser or as loop components in Microsoft applications. If a loop file becomes corrupted, previous versions can be restored using the version history.

User experience with deactivation

If Loop is disabled using the administrator switch, no new loop files can be created. Existing messages are displayed as a link, and interactive content is no longer visible. The files will open in a separate browser tab where they can still be edited.

By integrating Loop components into OneNote, Microsoft is opening up new possibilities for efficient and flexible collaboration. Take advantage of this innovation to take your teamwork to the next level.

Guide of the Month

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