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It won’t run itself

You’ve just successfully rolled out your HR cloud software. Your project team can breathe again – but ongoing operations have to be well prepared and managed, too.

Until as recently as about 2010, it was common for HR departments to buy or lease software and use it in their own data center. In the meantime, however, HR cloud applications such as SAP SuccessFactors have taken over. HR departments no longer use their solutions on site on local computers, but rather in a network cloud. Effectively, the programs are provided as a service. Among the advantages this brings is the ability to roll out innovations directly in the cloud. They no longer have to be updated one version at a time in a time-consuming process. Does that mean you can sit back and relax once SAP SuccessFactors is up and running? Are all the other tasks now in the cloud, rather than in your hands? Does a relaxed “go on” follow the go-live?

Thinking ahead instead of playing catch-up

Sadly not. Even the ongoing operations of an HR cloud application such as SAP SuccessFactors don’t run on autopilot. The only way to avoid having to play catch-up when the challenges come is to think ahead – preferably by thinking of the future from the roll-out stage. This involves answering the following questions:

  • How will you map the changes that arise in your company in the processes of your HR cloud software?
  • How will you ensure that local requirements in particular are flexibly accounted for in the HR processes?
  • How will you handle the releases that come from SAP two times a year?

Our free white paper with valuable tips

You should consider questions such as these long before they become an issue, but who can be counted on to reliably solve these problems for you? Your HR department probably doesn’t have any IT experts, and your IT department likely doesn’t have a specialist for HR cloud software. It therefore makes sense to bring in some external expertise. We are happy to provide you with support and advice after the go-live as part of our application management services. We have many years of in-depth experience when it comes to implementing, maintaining and operating SAP HCM and SAP SuccessFactors systems.

If you’re wondering what other questions you should be asking yourself and what the five building blocks for success are that we can recommend for you, then simply download our free white paper. After all, as you know – it’s better to think ahead now than play catch-up later.

Five tips for getting to grips with SAP SuccessFactors in everyday operations
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