Die neue Generation des Bewerbungsgesprächs: Video-Interviews verbessern die Candidate Experience

Video interviews – the next-generation recruitment process

HR professionals are very much aware of the changes sweeping the world of work. Digital natives are pouring onto the job market, bringing high demands and new technologies with them. This is a challenging yet exciting development for HR departments that calls for smart solutions – such as video interviews. This issue of insights tells you about the benefits of interviewing via the web and the pitfalls you ought to avoid.

A modern-day job interview doesn’t begin with a handshake, but rather a friendly smile on a screen. HR officers and candidates sit opposite each other, virtually at least. In reality, they are often hundreds of kilometers apart. Such intimate conversations are made possible thanks to software applications such as Teams, Discord, Tox and Facetime.

Ahhh, so that’s what the candidate looks like!

So what are the benefits for companies? The list is actually pretty long. They can get to know candidates without having to invite them to an on-site interview, which can be a costly and complex process. Instead, HR professionals simply need to look at their screens to get a first proper impression of their candidates. Does the applicant come across as confident? What’s their body language like? Do they make eye contact? Do they seem friendly?

Interviewers therefore get the fantastic opportunity to gain a personal insight into applicants very early in the recruiting process. Based on this in-depth conversation, they can narrow down the list of candidates, with only those who pass this initial check being invited to attend an interview in person. But let’s not forget that candidates get a feel for their potential future employer, too. With that in mind, HR professionals should be very careful to represent their company in an authentic and likeable manner during a video interview. In short, they need to create a positive candidate experience.

Innovative employer branding as a positive side effect

Another benefit is that video interviews significantly speed up the application process – something candidates very much appreciate. They expect swift responses from the companies they engage with, particularly if they belong to Generation Y or Z. Using Discord, Teams and the like, an interview can be conducted soon after a candidate first comes into contact with the company. This is also a major plus point for the business, which comes across as innovative and modern – key signals for the competitive recruitment market.

State-of-the-art tools in the recruiting process: The sure-fire way to find the right candidate

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Everything hinges on effective technology

Nonetheless, the underlying technology needs to be effective. There’s nothing worse during a video interview than the screen freezing, the sound cutting out or the microphone screeching. It is worthwhile thoroughly testing IT equipment and technology beforehand. Other types of disruption are also unhelpful – just as with any other, conventional interview. It goes without saying that interviewers should make sure they are fully prepared, too. Finally, it is important not to overlook data protection – video interviews are subject to the General Data Protection Regulation. As ever in the recruiting process, applicants’ personal data must be treated with the utmost confidentiality. Once all the essentials are in place, things start to get exciting. Is the candidate a good fit for the company? The HR experts sitting in front of the screens will soon find out...