Add a timer to Microsoft Whiteboard

In this Guide of the Month, find out how to add a timer to Microsoft Whiteboard. You can use the timer to set a time limit for completion of a particular task by participants in a virtual training session, for example.
July 26, 2023
3 min

Simply click on the stopwatch icon and the timer will appear. It is set to 5:00 minutes by default, but you can change this by entering a different value or clicking on the plus or minus symbols. Once the timer has started counting down, it can still be changed, stopped or reset.

Microsoft 365 hacks

Word, Excel, Outlook – who isn’t familiar with them? Nowadays, the Microsoft 365 applications can be found on virtually every PC in organizations large and small. However, do you also know the tips and tricks that go with them and make your working life much easier?

To keep you up to speed, we have been sharing our monthly Microsoft 365 hacks with you for a while now. You get to know the latest features, and discover new, practical tips that you can incorporate directly into your everyday work.

By the way, as a Microsoft Empowerment maintenance customer, you can enjoy automatic access to the Microsoft 365 hacks every month via the download portal. You can log in there with your usual access details and download the hacks. Don’t have any access details yet? Simply drop us an email at


Office alone does not make a workplace digital

Microsoft 365 applications and services are essential to practically every digital workplace, However, there’s generally at least one other system for staff to grapple with, such as ERP, CRM or PLM software.

This is where our digital adoption solution comes in, bringing together staff, processes and technology. Only when these elements interact smoothly is there a chance that the potential of new software applications and constantly changing business processes can be exploited in full.

Our platform, the tts performance suite, helps you boost digital adoption in your organization.

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