The highlights from the past year – three specialist articles that really impressed our readers!

For a year now, we’ve been sending you exciting articles every month to keep you up to speed on a range of topics related to Microsoft 365, ranging from the edge, through accessibility, to webinars in Teams. From time to time, one of those articles might have slipped under your radar or perhaps there’s a particular issue you’d like to revisit. That is why we have decided to showcase the three most popular articles that we think you can’t afford to miss!
April 19, 2023
4 min
Arlena Frey

Find out how to select the right presentation mode for your Teams meeting, how you can organize all your tasks with Microsoft To Do, and how you can leverage the full potential of Microsoft 365 applications by combining Workflow WBTs and Microsoft 365.

Microsoft Teams – share more than just your screen...

Prevent technical difficulties from the outset so you can focus on the content of your meeting! Our tips will help you do this without any problems.

Microsoft To Do – your tool for stress-free task management

We’ve all been there – juggling multiple projects, carrying out countless tasks simultaneously, and gradually losing your overview. All that hand-written to-do lists do is create even more clutter on your desk and confusion in your head, rather than actually helping you get organized. Microsoft found a solution for this a long time ago – Microsoft To Do.

Workflow WBTs + Microsoft 365 hacks = perfect preparation

Microsoft 365 is part and parcel of our everyday lives, and it isn’t long after starting work that we have Outlook, Teams, OneNote, Word and Edge all up and running at the same time. How can we keep track of all that while also communicating with colleagues and collaborating on documents as we go?

Taking the top spot among the articles is Teams, along with the accompanying Guide of the Month. To find out which one that was and what other highlights there were, check out the Guide of the Month. That’s where you’ll find an overview of all the Microsoft 365 hacks from last year and how to use them.

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