Coaches can help their clients improve how effective they are in certain areas of their duties.
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Community of practice

A community of practice (CoP) refers to a group of individuals with shared interests and concerns who proactively meet over an extended period of time to regularly share knowledge, reflect, or try out new methods together.
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Content curation

Content curation sees information collected from a variety of sources, annotated, rearranged with source citations, and republished.
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Explainer video

An explainer video is a short video (often animated, but sometimes also live action) that provides short, concise explanations of learning content and complex relationships using language, moving images, and music.
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Expert debriefing

Expert debriefing is a method used to ensure a company does not lose the personal knowledge that an employee has built up if the respective employee leaves the company.
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A fishbowl is a form of dialog that can be used to discuss controversial topics within a large group in a way that allows everyone in the group to contribute.
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Flipped classroom

A flipped classroom is a combination of learners preparing content on a topic in their own time and classroom training in which they discuss the content together and apply the knowledge they have built up.
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