Organizations need to be able to learn faster

Frequent process modifications and the use of cloud applications call for training opportunities that enable fast learning with minimal outlay. In an interview, Stephan Hilbrandt from tts explains how, and by what means, this can be achieved.
8 min

Getting results faster with Forms surveys

You are leading a meeting in Teams and you ask the participants a concrete question. Responses aren’t exactly forthcoming, and you only get a few answers. There has to be a better way, surely?
4 min

Freedom vs. Frame

How can companies ensure a successful HR transformation? To what extent are centralized requirements and local leeway called for? How we find the right balance.
2 min

Are your documents accessible?

Accessibility isn’t just about getting rid of steps at entrances or putting braille buttons in an elevator. Let us show you how all your team members can work together without exception.
2 min
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